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The SearchStax Help Center Frequently Asked Questions page includes FAQs about SearchStax Managed Search, our hosted Apache Solr Cloud service.

Error Opening New Searcher

While indexing, several clients have encountered an error like this one:

2023-08-28 12:48:07.036 ERROR (qtp1010931249-22) [c:author-cloud s:shard1 r:core_node2 x:author-cloud_shard1_replica_n1] o.a.s.h.RequestHandlerBase org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error opening new searcher

The key is this phrase:

Error opening new searcher

The searcher is the java class that matches and retrieves documents from an index (collection). A commit closes the index while new items are being added. When the commit is finished, Solr updates the searcher and reopens the index.

“Error opening new searcher” means that something went wrong at this point in the commit process. Among SearchStax clients, two scenarios can provoke this message:

  • The index is corrupted, usually by uploading a new schema and forgetting to delete and regenerate the index before adding new documents. The searcher discovers contradictory field properties in the index and refuses to proceed. Solution: Delete the corrupted index and reload all of the data using the new schema.
  • We have seen a second scenario where an extremely high commit rate resulted in multiple new searchers being built at the same time. The solution is to throttle back commits.

In either case, please file an issue with the SearchStax Support Desk so we can help look for index corruption and help fix it.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.

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