The SearchStax® Frequently Asked Questions page includes the following approved question and answer about our Apache Solr Cloud services.

How does SearchStax help me monitor my Solr deployments?

These documentation pages introduce the SearchStax deployment monitoring features.

  • Pulse Monitoring: All SearchStax deployments track Solr performance statistics such as:
    • CPU, Memory, JVM
    • Collections
    • Garbage Collection
    • Search Throughput and Latency
    • Indexing Throughput and Latency
    • Caches
  • Email Alerting: All deployments provide a mechanism for heartbeat and threshold-based email alerts triggered by a long list of metrics.
  • SearchStudio: SearchStax’s SearchStudio product tracks end-user search events. It lets you make real-time adjustments to search behavior and presentation.
  • Availability Reporting: Premium customers have access to a graph depicting system availability in relation of the uptime guarantees of the service-level agreement.
  • Internal Monitoring Support: SearchStax engineers receive automatic alerts about memory and performance issues in deployments covered by premium service-level agreements (Gold, Platimum, and Platinum Plus levels).

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Please contact the SearchStax Support Desk immediately if you have any question about Solr Cloud deployments.

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