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The SearchStax Help Center Frequently Asked Questions page includes FAQs about SearchStax Managed Search, our hosted Apache Solr Cloud service.

How can I update my Solr configurations in Zookeeper?

Shared Cluster Deployments

In the context of a Shared Cluster deployment, modifying your Solr config files could not be easier. SearchStax Cloud give you direct editing access to the configs.

Dedicated Deployments

Clients frequently ask us how to make changes in their Solr configuration files of Dedicated Deployments. These files cannot be directly edited. We need to download them from Zookeeper, edit them locally, and then upload them again.

Security Best Practices

Be sure to see our page on securing Zookeeper using SearchStax Cloud.

This is easily accomplished using the downconfig and upconfig commands of the .zkcli script. (See zkcli download instructions.)

zkcli requires Java

To run zkcli, you will need Java. See What if zkcli returns an error? for more information.

Download Configset

First, open the Solr dashboard of your deployment. Drill down through Cloud > Tree > /configs to find the name of the configuration you want to modify.

SearchStax Solr config display

Run zkcli in a terminal window:

./ -zkhost <zookeeper URL> -cmd downconfig -confdir <local directory> -confname <config name>

where <zookeeper URL> is the URL of one of the Zookeeper servers from the deployment page; <local directory> is the directory where the files should be written after downloading; and <config name> is the name of the configuration as stored in Zookeeper.

Edit the files locally until you are satisfied with the changes.

Upload Configset

Then upload the config files again:

./ -zkhost <zookeeper URLs> -cmd upconfig -confdir <local directory> -confname <config name>

where <zookeeper URLs> is the URL(s) of the Zookeeper server(s) in your deployment:

SearchStax Solr config display

<local directory> is the location of the files to upload; and <config name> is the name of the configuration as stored in Zookeeper.

Reload the Collection

Once the new configset is safely in Zookeeper, you must “reload the collection,” which means to have Zookeeper copy the configset to the Solr servers of the deployment. (This is not the same thing as reloading/rebuilding the index.)

To reload the collection, you can use this command from the Solr API:

curl 'https:/<load_balancer_URL>/solr/admin/collections?action=RELOAD&name=<collection_name>'

where <load_balancer_URL> is the Solr HTTP Endpoint URL from the SearchStax dashboard, and <collection_name> is the name of the Solr collection.

Note that you can perform this step directly from the Solr Dashboard.

SearchStax Solr config display

Optional: Reload Indexes

If you made changes to the Solr schema, you will have to discard your index files and reload all of your data. See How Do I Update the Solr Schema? for more information.

SearchStax provides a Zookeeper API!

The SearchStax Zookeeper API provides secure, password-protected access to Zookeeper. You can list, create, read, delete, and download config files using this API.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.

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