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Lowering &rows=1000000

By default, Sitecore sends queries to Solr with the &rows parameter set to 1000000. This setting places enormous stress on Solr, sometimes maximizing CPU and JVM usage, because Solr allocates enough memory to hold a million documents before processing each query. Since Sitecore can issue hundreds of these queries in a few seconds, the memory load can exceed Solr’s ability to cope.

SearchStax recommends lowering the default setting:

  1. In your Sitecore installation, navigate to App_Config\Sitecore\ContentSearch\Sitecore.ContentSearch.config.
  2. Locate <setting name="ContentSearch.SearchMaxResults" value="1000000" />.
  3. Change the value to “1000” unless you really do need more than a thousand documents.
  4. Save the file and restart Sitecore.

You should see the change reflected in the /select requests recorded in your Load Balancer log files.

For further information, consult this Sitecore Knowledge Base article:


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