The SearchStax® Frequently Asked Questions page includes the following approved question and answer about our Apache Solr Cloud services.

What is the SearchStax Security Pack?

For sensitive data and higher compliance requirements, our Security Pack add-on provides encryption at rest, customer-specified TLS and cyphers, monthly vulnerability scans, and priority patching for Apache Solr vulnerabilities. The Security Pack may be purchased as an add-on to any of the Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus plans.

The Security Pack is applied at the account level, which means that all of the account’s deployments are covered.

Encryption at Rest

When the Security Pack is applied to an account, all SSD, blob, and S3 storage resources have encryption enabled.

TLS and Cyphers

The Security Pack allows the client to specify the TLS version and ciphers.

Vulnerability Scans

The Security Pack subjects the client’s deployments to monthly vulnerability scans. Any vulnerabilities are then patched during scheduled maintenance sessions.

Apache Solr Patching

The Security Pack entitles the client to priority patching of any new Apache Solr vulnerabilities.

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