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What is a 413 Error?

Clients who post very large Solr queries sometimes see: HTTP Error: The remote server returned an error: (413) FULL head.

A similar error occurs when indexing very large documents: HTTP Error: 413 Request Entity Too Large.

These errors mean that the Jetty web server used by SearchStax needs an adjustment. The default Jetty header size is 8 KB, which is adequate for most clients. When larger headers are needed, we raise the limit to 64 KB and have the client try again.

The entire header must be read and processed on every incoming message, so we are reluctant to raise the header size too much. It places a load on the CPU that can impact performance.

Changing the header size requires an adjustment to jetty.xml. Unfortunately, this is not a change that you can make yourself on a cloud server. Contact SearchStax Support so we can help you.

Azure users take note!

The Azure application gateway imposes a hard limit on URL size of 32KB. This limit cannot be modified.

Users who try to post large data files (>100 MB) to single-node deployments see 413 Request Entity Too Large or 413 Maximum Post Size Exceeded. This does not require a Jetty adjustment. Simply split the file and load the halves separately.

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