The SearchStax® Frequently Asked Questions page includes the following approved question and answer about our Apache Solr Cloud services.

Does SearchStax support Solr Basic Authentication?

Production systems should be secured with Basic Authentication. You can set up Solr Basic Auth directly from the SearchStax Dashboard.

Warning: Service Interruption

Enabling/Disabling this feature restarts your Solr servers, interrupting service for about 30 seconds.

Using /select and /update with Solr Basic Auth

After enabling Solr authentication, your /select and /update interactions with Solr must include the username and password of a Solr user.

For cURL, add the Solr credentials using the -u 'username:password' parameter.

If your search application doesn’t use cURL, your <Solr HTTP Endpoint> changes from https://machine... to https://user:password@machine...

If you are trying to use Basic Auth credentials from PowerShell, see Basic Auth Credentials in PowerShell.

Connections to Zookeeper remain unchanged.

We love to answer questions!

Please contact the SearchStax Support Desk immediately if you have any question about Solr Cloud deployments.

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