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AsynchronousClose­Exception Error

Sometimes someone reports AsynchronousCloseException errors in the solr.log file.

2022-01-27 20:50:54.673 ERROR (updateExecutor-5-thread-7-processing-x:sitecore_master_index_shard1_replica_n1 r:core_node3 null n: c:sitecore_master_index s:shard1) [c:sitecore_master_index s:shard1 r:core_node3 x:sitecore_master_index_shard1_replica_n1] o.a.s.c.s.i.ConcurrentUpdateHttp2SolrClient Error consuming and closing http response stream. => java.nio.channels.AsynchronousCloseException

This situation arises in Solr 8.2 due to a known Solr bug that was fixed in Solr 8.3. It is harmless, arising from an attempt to close a stream that is already closed. See SOLR-13293 for more information.

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