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The SearchStax Help Center Frequently Asked Questions page includes FAQs about SearchStax Managed Search, our hosted Apache Solr Cloud service.

How Can I Reset My SearchStax Password?

There are three ways to reset user passwords in SearchStax Cloud:

  • If you are locked out of your SearchStax account, use the password reset link on the login page.
  • If you are logged in to SearchStax Cloud, but need to change your password because it is about to expire, navigate to the User Preferences > Password page.
  • Users and passwords associated with the Solr Basic Auth feature can be managed from within SearchStax Cloud. Visit the Details page of the deployment and open the Security > Auth page. The SearchStax admin can edit the Solr users and passwords from there.

As a footnote, it is also possible to set Solr Basic Auth passwords procedurally from the Searchstax Provisioning API.


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