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The SearchStax Help Center Frequently Asked Questions page includes FAQs about SearchStax Managed Search, our hosted Apache Solr Cloud service.

What else can I do with the zkcli script?

The SearchStax Cloud Dedicated Quick Start exercise demonstrates how to use the zkcli utility script to set up a simple SearchStax Cloud project. Users have often asked us what else zkcli can do.

Security Best Practices

Be sure to see our page on securing Zookeeper using SearchStax.

zkcli requires Java

To run zkcli, you will need Java. See What if zkcli returns an error? for more information.

zkcli Help

If you run the zkcli script using the “help” keyword, it displays a lengthy list of options and examples. For example, in Windows: “zkcli.bat help”. Linux: “./ help”.

To save you some trouble, the full help message is shown here:

C:\searchstax-client-master\solr-6\scripts>zkcli.bat help
usage: ZkCLI
 -c,--collection      for linkconfig: name of the collection
 -cmd                      cmd to run: bootstrap, upconfig, downconfig,
                           linkconfig, makepath, put, putfile,get,getfile,
                           list, clear, updateacls
 -d,--confdir         for upconfig: a directory of configuration
 -h,--help                 bring up this help page
 -n,--confname        for upconfig, linkconfig: name of the config
 -name                name of the cluster property to set
 -r,--runzk           run zk internally by passing the solr run port
                           - only for clusters on one machine (tests, dev)
 -s,--solrhome        for bootstrap, runzk: solrhome location
 -val                 value of the cluster to set
 -x,--excluderegex    for upconfig: files matching this regular
                           expression won't be uploaded
 -z,--zkhost          ZooKeeper host address
Examples: -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd bootstrap -solrhome /opt/solr -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd upconfig -confdir /opt/solr/collection1/conf -confname myconf -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd downconfig -confdir /opt/solr/collection1/conf -confname myconf -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd linkconfig -collection collection1 -confname myconf -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd makepath /apache/solr -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd put /solr.conf 'conf data' -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd putfile /solr.xml /User/myuser/solr/solr.xml -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd get /solr.xml -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd getfile /solr.xml solr.xml.file -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd clear /solr -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd list -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd clusterprop -name urlScheme -val https -zkhost localhost:9983 -cmd updateacls /solr

SearchStax provides a Zookeeper API!

The SearchStax Zookeeper API provides secure, password-protected access to Zookeeper. You can list, create, read, delete, and download config files using this API.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.

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