Does SearchStax Issue Refunds?

SearchStax pay-as-you-go billing is based on the calendar month (first day to last day), with credit-card charges issued after the month ends. No one pays ahead. For this reason, refunds

What is the SearchStax Security Pack?

For sensitive data and higher compliance requirements, our Security Pack add-on provides encryption at rest, customer-specified TLS and cyphers, monthly vulnerability scans, and priority patching for Apache Solr vulnerabilities. The

Asking for Help

The SearchStax or SearchStudio Support menu is the preferred channel for filing a support request. For Managed Solr, see the Asking for Help page. If you are using SearchStudio, see

Can Managed Solr integrate with PagerDuty?

SearchStax provides a variety of heartbeat and threshold alerts by email, which you can set up through the SearchStax dashboard using the Deployment > Pulse > Alerting feature. You may optionally copy

Can I use SiLK with Managed Solr?

SiLK is a fork of Kibana, an open source (Apache Licensed) browser-based analytics and search dashboard for Solr. Self-service SiLK integration with Managed Solr has been phased out. If your

What APIs does SearchStax provide?

SearchStax exposes specialized APIs to assist in maintaining and refining your deployments. The Provisioning API is a REST API that creates and manages SearchStax deployments. The API includes the following

Can I query Solr from javascript?

A user asked for help sending queries to Solr from Javascript. The team suggested using the JSONP format, as follows: $.ajax({ type: ‘GET’, dataType: ‘jsonp’, data: { ‘q’: ‘*:*’, ‘wt’: