Sitecore Connection Errors.

SearchStax Managed Solr customers sometimes encounter issues when connecting Sitecore to Solr Cloud for the first time. The issues are so common that a developer can encounter them in sequence

Can’t connect to Solr or Zookeeper?

Most IT departments and ISPs issue IP addresses using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). From time to time, your workstation’s IP address will change without warning. When it does,

What Causes Indexing Errors?

SearchStax Managed Solr customers frequently report threshold alerts about “indexing errors.” They ask what causes these errors and how to avoid them. Most indexing errors are due to a mismatch

What is a 400 Error?

A “400 Error” or “400 Bad Request” error simply means that the Solr server received your request but was unable to make sense of it. It is the HTML code

What is a 401 Error?

A “401 Error” means that something made an unauthorized request of the Solr cluster. This usually indicates a problem with Solr Basic Auth or with the authorization header of the

What is a 403 Error?

What does this error mean? We have seen this message when the client attempted a /select query using a Solr Basic Auth credential that had Write role but not a

What is a 404 Error?

A 404 Error means that the browser was able to communicate with Solr, but Solr could not find what was requested. In the case of a SearchStax Solr deployment, the

What is a 413 Error?

Clients who post very large Solr queries sometimes see: HTTP Error: The remote server returned an error: (413) FULL head. A similar error occurs when indexing very large documents: HTTP

What is 413 Maximum Post Size Exceeded?

New users sometimes discover that they have difficulty loading data files that exceed 100 MB in size. Note that Dedicated Node deployments are limited to 100 MB uploads. You can

What is a 414 Error?

Managed Solr users who submit extremely large queries sometimes encounter 414 Request URI too long errors. For instance, a client received this error when submitting /select/ queries that were over