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The SearchStax® Frequently Asked Questions page includes the following approved question and answer about our Apache Solr Cloud services.

Does SearchStax permit Solr Basic Authentication?

Production systems should be secured with Basic Authentication. You can set up Solr Basic Auth directly from the SearchStax Dashboard.

Warning: Service Interruption

Enabling/Disabling this feature on a single-node deployment will restart your Solr server, interrupting service.

Enabling/Disabling this feature on a cluster will initiate a rolling restart of your servers. Service will not be interrupted, but please allow the process to finish before making any other changes to your cluster configuration.

Using /select and /update

After enabling Solr authentication, your cURL /select and /update interactions with Solr must include the -u 'username:password' parameter.

Connections to Zookeeper remain unchanged.

We love to answer questions!

Please contact the SearchStax Support Desk immediately if you have any question about Solr Cloud deployments.

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