Stopwords Tab

Site Search > Relevance > Basic Relevance > Stopwords Tab

Stopwords are terms that degrade the keyword search, such as “and,” “the,” “of,” and so forth. There is no point in searching the index for them because they appear in almost every document.

The Stopwords Tab of Site Search’s Basic Relevance screen lets you build a list one word at a time, or upload a list. Any word on the list will be automatically removed from subsequent queries. It accepts .TXT and .CSV files. The words may be delimited by commas or by whitespace characters (including newlines). 

Type a stopword into the Word field and click the (+) button. This adds the word to the list. 

You can highlight a word in the list and click the trash button to delete it. The Upload button lets you select a local file and upload it to Site Search. When you upload a file, it completely replaces the previous list. 

The cloud icon on the right is the Download List feature.

A stopword file may be up to 10MB in size. Note that there is a button at the bottom of the screen that lets you discard your changes and revert to the previously-saved list.