Asking for Help

Filing a Support Ticket for SearchStudio SearchStudio > Support Menu > Support You can create a support ticket directly from the SearchStudio interface. This is the best way to ask

Multi-Language Experiences

Language-Specific Search Experiences Introduction A Search App can be configured to offer a Search Experience tailored to the viewer’s preferred language. Language-specific experiences can be configured for: English (en), the

SearchStudio Free Trial

SearchStudio Free Trial SearchStax offers a 14-day free trial of our SearchStudio product to our Sitecore and Drupal users, and to others who are curious about what SearchStudio offers. Free

Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu The SearchStudio Navigation Menu is where you create new SearchStudio Apps and navigate to the screens of the SearchStudio experience. It is normally collapsed to keep its footprint

Task List

SearchStudio > Analytics > Dashboard > Checkbox Icon The SearchStudio includes a To-Do list of tasks for users who are just getting started with their project. Open the navigation menu

Search API

Search API This page describes how to use SearchStax® SearchStudio “Search API”. The Search Endpoint (/emselect) for your SearchStudio App is available within your Apps Management page as shown below: Your Solr

Related Searches API

Related Searches API SearchStax® provides an API that retrieves the Related Searches defined for a specific search phrase in the SearchStudio App. Related Searches allows users to manually define Search

Auto-Suggest API

Auto-Suggest API This page describes how to use SearchStax® SearchStudio “Auto Suggest API”. The Autosuggest Endpoint for your App is available within your Apps Management page as shown below: As your users

Search Analytics API

Search Analytics API This page describes how to add SearchStax® Analytics Events to the Javascript of your search page. This is a required step for the collection of user events

SearchStudio UX Accelerator

SearchStudio UX Accelerator The UX Accelerator is a set of tools that make it easy to set up a search page that uses all of the features of SearchStudio. SearchJS