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Users of SearchStax® can implement both "hot" and "cold" disaster recovery mechanisms for their Solr deployments.

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Hot Disaster Recovery

SearchStax offers "hot" disaster recovery as an add-on service that augments your production deployment. This involves creating a "hot" standby system that is kept in sync with your production system at all times. An interruption in service at the primary site can be met by an instantaneous switch to the standby site. The standby system runs in a different cloud-provider region, so that no single disaster can knock out both systems.

If you are interested in this service, please contact SearchStax support.

Cold Disaster Recovery

"Cold" disaster recovery is a self-service solution involving backup files. Everyone should maintain regular backups of their deployments, but "disaster recovery" implies storing those backups in a different cloud region from the primary system. If the primary cloud region goes off-line, the client can spin up a new deployment in the remote region and restore a pre-positioned backup.

When you create a backup in SearchStax, one of your options is called Cross-Region Replication. SearchStax first creates a local backup file of your deployment. It then copies the local file to a remote region of the same Cloud Provider, resulting in a second backup file. You can restore the copied backup to a deployment in the remote region, provided that it uses the same version of Solr as the original deployment.

Procedure for "cold" disaster recovery:

  1. Log into Searchstax.
  2. Create a new deployment using the same cloud provider and Solr version as your production system. Create the new deployment in the cloud region where you have stored the cross-region backup files.
  3. Restore a recent backup to the new deployment.
  4. Reconfigure/restart your search application to access the new Solr endpoint.

Creating a new deployment takes anywhere from 15 minutse to two hours depending on the Cloud Provider and the size of the system. Restoring the backup requires 15 minutes or more depending on the size of the index. Restarting your search application might add another 15 minutes to the total. For these reasons, a "cold" recovery takes an hour or more to come back on line.


Don't hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.