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SearchStax® Managed Solr log files help you track down variations in performance and potential bugs in your application.

Some of the log files may be viewed from the Managed Solr dashboard. Other types of logging are available through the agency of SearchStax support engineers.


  1. Solr Server Logs
  2. Managed Solr Activity Log

Solr Server Logs

Managed Solr comes with solr logs enabled out-of-the-box. The remarks in this section assume that you want to modify the default behavior.

Managed Solr provides access to the Solr Dashboard, where you can configure logging of Solr, out-of-memory, and garbage-collection events. Managed Solr also provides download access to those logs.

Time Stamps in Solr.log Files

The date/time stamps in solr.log files are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

You can adjust Solr logging in the Solr Dashboard:

SearchStax Solr Logging

Solr Dashboard log changes affect only one server

Managed Solr connects to the Solr Dashboard of one Solr node chosen randomly by a load balancer. Changes to logging levels affect only one server of the cluster. When you return to the Solr Dashboard to undo your log settings later, you might not be connected to the same node. This can make it difficult to back out your changes.

To cleanly reset all servers to default logging, perform a rolling restart of the cluster. Each server returns to default logging as it restarts.

You can monitor significant Solr events on an adjacent screen in the Solr dashboard:

SearchStax Solr Logging

See Configuring Logging in the Apache Solr documentation.

You can download the log files from the Managed Solr dashboard. In the Cloud Manager, go to the Deployment Details screen. Click the Logs menu. Managed Solr displays controls that let you download log files from any specific Solr server and from the cluster’s load balancer.

The file list is updated once per hour.

Managed Solr Activity Log

Managed Solr automatically records all significant user actions that occur in the Managed Solr dashboard. To view them, click Activity Log in the left-side navigation panel.

Activity Log entries are retained indefinitely.

Help with Log Files

Premium customers may ask SearchStax support for help tracking down memory and performance issues. This often involves enabling logging on servers that the SearchStax end-user cannot reach.

For this type of help please reach out to the SearchStax Support Desk.

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