Serverless Regions & Solr Versions

Serverless Solr Service has been launched with availability in the various cloud regions to support data sovereignty.

Serverless Solr Service deployments are currently available in the following regions and versions:

Cloud RegionSolr Versions
Canada (Central)Solr 8.11
US (East)Solr 8.11
US (West)Solr 8.11
EU (Central)Solr 8.11
EU (West/UK)Solr 8.11
Asia Pacific (North East)Solr 8.11
Asia Pacific (South East)Solr 8.11

Additional regions and Solr versions will be released soon. You can always view plans available in each region or Solr version by going to New Index in the dashboard.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.