Apache Solr 7.5 Available on SearchStax

We’re pleased to announce that Apache Solr Version 7.5 is now available on all SearchStax plans. You can create a new Solr 7.5 deployment by signing up for a 14-day free trial account OR by creating a new deployment in your existing account.

Solr 7.5 highlights include:

  • Enhancements and active development around Autoscaling Policies.
  • Enhancements within the Solr Administration UI to show node statistics, Zookeeper status, etc.
  • Solr Admin UI (Cloud > Graph) now reflect the Replica type to give a more accurate representation of the cluster.
  • The new Korean morphological analyzer (“nori”) has been added to the default distribution.

We recommend that you explore the full list of changes and improvements in the Apache Solr 7.5 release notes.

If you’d like us to upgrade your existing deployments to Solr 7.5, feel free to reach out to support@searchstax.com. We will be happy to explain your options and upgrade path.