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Leveraging best practices for website search will pay dividends by improving the overall customer experience and getting customers the information they seek quickly and efficiently. Improving the search experience is the foundation for improving customer satisfaction, conversion and retention — and reducing bounce rates and churn.

Use our Site Search Checker to grade your website search experience and see how it compares to industry best practices. After entering your domain name and clicking Submit, you’ll be guided through 10 questions to assess how well your website search is doing. Then, we’ll give you an overall search grade and email a personalized and actionable insights report that you can use to improve your search experience.


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Cloud Deployment Architectures for Apache Solr

White Papers Cloud Deployment Architectures for Apache Solr Our Cloud Deployment architectures for Apache Solr white paper shows how a simple proof-of-concept system evolves into an enterprise-class armor-studded foundation to support your company’s Solr search applications. At SearchStax, we have a unique perspective on Apache Solr system architectures. With over

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14 UX Best Practices for Site Search

White Papers Site Search UX Best Practices14 Keys to Better Website Search Does your current website search experience serve your users’ needs? Taking the time and effort to improve your site’s search experience not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also increases conversion and retention rates and reduces churn.  

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