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Get Personalized Search Experiences for Acquia

Get Better Website Search for Acquia

SearchStudio provides a powerful and easy site search solution for Acquia websites. Leverage search analytics and easily create a more modern search experience than out-of-the-box DIY Solr.

Create Great Search Experiences for Acquia

Get easy-to-use tools to manage and model the search experience on Acquia with basic and advanced relevance tools. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable real-time suggestions with Auto-Suggest, Related Searches and Content Recommendations.


Improve the search experience by offering suggestions while the user is typing.


Manage the facets that provide more efficient filtering of search results.


Offer suggestions for commonly misspelled words to improve the search experience.


Set up and manage search synonyms to improve findability


Create rules to manage boosting or use functions to trigger relevant search results.


Curate the search experience by promoting content to the top of the search results.

Custom Ranking

Select which fields should be boosted in the results to improve search relevance.


Get AI-powered related searches and recommendations to better personalize search

Accelerate Website Search Development with our Drupal Module

Implement site search on Acquia in less than 60 minutes with our Drupal Module created in conjunction with Drupal Solr experts. SearchStudio integrates with virtually no changes to your Acquia environment and automatically indexes new and existing data.

Screenshot of SearchStax's Drupal Module

Get Quick ROI with our Value-based Pricing for Acquia Site Search

Single Site

Search Solution for a single website
$ 499
Starts at


Search Solution for a multi-website experience.​
$ 699
Starts at


Search Solution for an organization with several sites and global reach.​
Volume-Based, Contact Us for Details

Prior to SearchStudio, we really had no insight into our search analytics. In addition to analytics, we now have a whole host of search capabilities that I can use without having to involve our IT team.

Amanda Schalyo | Executive Director of Marketing

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