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SearchStax, a Solr as a service platform, is built by engineers for engineers. We built this product because we saw how painful and time consuming it can be to set up, manage, and maintain our Solr search applications. Our focus is to help companies make amazing applications faster and easier. We help companies host, deploy, and administer their Solr search solutions in the cloud. SearchStax combined with our Managed Services powers the leading fully managed Solr as a service multi-cloud capable offering. The SearchStax product suite offers automated provisioning and scaling of Apache Solr, backups, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, comprehensive analytics, and administrative tools.

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Key Benefits


Accelerate Your
Project Timelines

Accelerate your time to market by flattening the Solr learning curve and going straight to development. Focus on your search application and save months of headaches in setup, provisioning, production readiness and administration.


Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Streamlined operations and more agile development reduce costs. And, the ability to scale up or down with ease optimizes your resources and saves money. Not to mention the thousands to millions of dollars saved on proprietary search license fees.


On Demand Capacity

Scale your search applications dynamically. No need to capacity plan for servers, routers, and other networking gear. Easily scale up or down to meet the needs of your business.


Cloud Agnostic

SearchStax enables you freedom of choice for your cloud provider. Different clouds provide different advantages and as your needs change, so too can your cloud provider. Public, private or spread across multiple clouds – the choice is yours.


Custom Monitoring

We’ve got your monitoring & alerting needs covered. Spend just a few minutes with SearchStax configuring the metrics and thresholds you want, type in where you want the alerts sent, and you’re done.


Security Compliance

OS level security patches, SSL, security audits, authentication, index level encryption for confidential data and more are all provided.


Get 24x7x365 support from search experts

Our always-ready Solr experts are only a call or an email away – every day, all day and night, all year round. Enjoy peace of mind with fully managed Solr-as-a-Service.


Actionable Insights Drive Conversions and Revenue

Detailed search level metrics that allow your search team to gain insights around what your users are searching for and how you can optimize your search result relevance. Get search conversion analytics, query level details and session level analytics to discover and track areas of improvement that can lead to increased click throughs, improved average click position and ultimately increased revenue.


Deep Search Expertise

We’ve baked in deep search expertise into the SearchStax platform and taken decades of experience and implemented best practices into our Solr as a Service platform. In addition, these same search experts are available on an ad hoc basis to help ensure your projects success.


We've got your back 24x7x365. Our helpful and always ready experts are a click or call away.

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