Deployment Automation

On-demand provisioning on AWS, Azure & Google. Allows you to spin up clusters quickly in the cloud.

Multi-Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)

We enable Solr hosting on all major cloud platforms and have partnered with all major Platform-as-a-service providers to enable seamless integration with the application tier.

High Availability

All clusters are front-ended with load balancer for auto-failover to ensure service is highly available. In addition to single-node Solr servers, SearchStax offers multi-node, multi-zone Solr clusters with automatic failover for production applications with demanding uptime.

Hassle Free Scaling

Easily add or remove nodes as your data or traffic volume changes. We make it simple for you to seamlessly scale your production Solr deployments. We can scale your Solr cluster horizontally by sharding or vertically with zero downtime rolling upgrades.

Deployment Cloning

Clone your deployment by push of a button across any region in the world.

On-Demand and Scheduled Backups

Create on-demand snapshots of your deployment or schedule recurring snapshots of your data.

Realtime Log Access and Archival

Get Real time access to your search logs for quick triage of problems or optimizations. Log rotation and archival is built into the deployments.

Transport and Storage Encryption

Pre-configured SSL so all data transfer is encrypted. Restrict access via IP filtering. Apply your AWS security group to clusters.

Custom Plugins and JARs

You can bring your custom JARs & plugins that have been written specifically to deliver your specific solution.

Team Collaboration

Bring in other people on your team to perform various functions. Assign who can view reports vs. who can create & delete deployments.

Audit Logs

Keep track of each activity performed - when, who, what, where.

SLA Reporting

Uptime and response time reporting allows you to be informed around your cluster's availability.

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