16 for 2016!

16 Hosted Solr Features

It’s been a great year here at Measured Search. We wanted to give you a quick update on all of the great things we’ve released this year for SearchStax by Measured Search – the only Fully Managed Solr-as-a-Service cloud-agnostic solution.  We’ve got a lot of great things planned for 2017 and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months!

Wishing you all a wonderful and memorable holiday season.

Securing Search Indices In the Cloud

With SearchStax and Credeon by Hitachi integration customers can now achieve unprecedented levels of security on confidential data. This integration protects against internal and external threats by enabling encrypted search index queries to be performed without requiring the decryption of the index. Use of a random number for encryption with homomorphic functions and a symmetric-key encryption scheme achieves the highest level of security available without sacrificing performance. To learn more, click here.

Optimizing Search with NLP

SearchStax now offers an integration with Rosette for Solr by Basis Technology. This integrated solution enables entity extraction and linking to facilitate high quality faceted search by extracting people, locations, organizations, products, and many more entity types. The entity extraction utilizes a combination of statistical models, gazetteers and regular expressions and can link those entities to Wikipedia or a custom entity database. Enhanced name search is also enabled – overcome misspellings, nicknames, missing spaces, the same name written in different languages, or other variations.  Contact us to learn more.

SearchStax Analytics

SearchStax® Analytics provide the insights you need to make your search experience better for your customers.

SearchStax Analytics takes a holistic approach to measuring the effectiveness of your search. Analytics capabilities provided by most search vendors provide only low-level reports as they don’t have control over the application level. We keep you close to your users by reporting click-through rate, bounce rates, and more, that others don’t. This helps you measure and optimize relevance and ranking changes effectively. Contact us to learn more.

SearchStax now Supports Solr 6.1

We’ve certified Solr version 6.1. New features/enhancements include:

  • Parallel SQL Support
  • Graph Traversal Query Support
  • Cross Data-Center Replication
  • JDBC driver for SQL interface
  • Filter support in Real-time Get
  • New streaming API, and much more.

For additional information, click here.



SearchStax now with New Relic!

SearchStax now supports New Relic Integration. To get New Relic’s APM (Application Performance Monitoring) or Servers (to allow you to view and analyze critical cloud server metrics), simply paste your New Relic key into SearchStax and click a couple of checkboxes.  All done! To learn more, click here.

SearchStax now with PagerDuty

Get full integration with PagerDuty, the real-time incident resolution solution for the modern IT Operations team. With a SearchStax and PagerDuty integration, Ops teams can minimize business-disrupting events and meet the availability and performance demands of the digital enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

Audit log

Audit logging helps you answer the question “who did what, where, and when?” within your SearchStax platform.

The activity log provides you with a list of all user actions within your tenant account, including those of the Measured Search Support team. The list consists of a User column including email of the user who performed the logged change, his/her role, timestamp of action in UTC, the action itself, action detail and IP address where the action originated. Contact us to learn more.

Custom JAR Support

We love cloud automation and strive to figure out ways to speed our customers’ development and release cycles. We have now enabled the ability to deploy custom JARs through SearchStax Cloud Manager. SearchStax Gold and above customers no longer have to go through our support team to deploy their custom JAR’s.  The SearchStax Dashboard is enabled to completely control which JARs are to be deployed. To learn more, click here.



Availability Reports / SLA

As part of our support services at Measured Search®, we offer our premium customers service-level guarantees (SLA) around response time and availability.

Clients who opt for Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus levels of support get access to an Availability Report in the SearchStax® dashboard. This is a graph and a summary that makes a record of response times and downtime so they can be compared with the guarantees of the client’s service-level agreement (SLA). To learn more, click here.

Added Mumbai and Sydney AWS Regions

Our goal is to empower developers and companies around the world to build powerful and innovative applications utilizing open source software. Our robust and scalable infrastructure makes it easy to deploy, manage, scale and optimize Solr on the cloud. Mumbai, India and Sydney, Australia join Oregon, N. Virginia, N. California, Dublin, Frankfurt, and Singapore regions already available to developers to spin up Solr clusters. To learn more, click here.




Clone your deployment with the push of a button across any region in the world. This feature makes it really easy for developers or administrators to take an existing deployment and replicate the exac same deployment with the click of a button. Whether that’s for creating a new environment for testing, development or staging or even creating a brand new deployment in a completely new region anywhere in the world. Contact us to learn more.

Threshold Alerting

SearchStax® provides two kinds of real-time email alerts:

  • Heartbeat alerts: Notify a list of email recipients when a server starts or stops operating.
  • Threshold alerts: Notify a list of email recipients when a server exceeds a performance threshold.

Both types of alerts create an “incident” report that you can inspect in the SearchStax dashboard. Contact us to learn more.

Solr Authentication via SearchStax Cloud Manager / Security

The SearchStax dashboard now allows you to secure your Solr deployments via Basic Authentication. SearchStax users can create read/write/admin roles and add/delete users within those roles. Contact us to learn more.

Proactive Disk Usage Alert

SearchStax now sends email alerts whenever your disk space reaches less than 20% of it’s capacity. It allows both our customers and our support team to take action to prevent an out of disk error and to avoid downtime. Contact us to learn more.

Realtime Log Streaming

Enable developers to look at logs for a particular search instance in real time. This is useful when developers or operations teams are triaging a problem in real-time. Contact us to learn more.

Multi-User Support / Team Collaboration

Bring in other people on your team to perform various functions. Assign who can view reports vs. who can create & delete deployments. Contact us to learn more.