Managed Solr for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Easy, Reliable, Performant and Scalable Solr Service

"We are not search experts and were looking for a vendor to provide expert guidance to our team. We felt that SearchStax was the right vendor who could fulfill that need and give us the solution confidence we were seeking for Solr search."

— Micah Ruge, Director Customer Enablement

Solr Brings Power and Flexibility to AEM

Apache Solr bring power, flexibility and API access to search for Adobe Experience Manager. For companies looking for high-performance and high availability Solr infrastructure for AEM, turning to Managed Solr automates most of the mundane tasks and provides an easy-to-use admin portal to review the Solr deployment details as needed.

Public or Private Clouds for AEM Solr Deployments

Select from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud on Our Cloud or Your Account

Managed Solr in the Cloud
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Security and Compliance for AEM Solr Deployments

We also offer a bundled add-on Security Pack that provides greater levels of security for organizations with more stringent business requirement. The Security Pack includes Single Sign-On (SSO), Transport Layer Security and Ciphers, Priority Solr Patching and Monthly Vulnerability Scans.

Uptime and 24x7x365 Support SLAs

Sleep tight and let us work to meet your desired uptimes and provide support when you need 24x7x365 with less than 30 minute response time guarantees.

Custom Crawler Capability

Let SearchStax implement and manage the intricacies of crawling your or different websites, whether it’s content that’s publicly available or behind a private wall.

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