Managed Solr Pricing and Features

Dedicated Infrastructure for All Your Solr Needs


Non-production environments, QA, prototyping & small projects
$ 19
Starts at
  • Single Node or HA Cluster
  • No Uptime Guarantee
  • US Business Hours
  • < 72 Hours Support
  • Product Questions
  • System Monitoring


Production Cluster with business hours support
$ 537
Starts at
  • High Availability Cluster
  • 99.5% Uptime
  • Regional Business Hours
  • < 4 Hours Support
  • Incident Support
  • System & Solr Monitoring
  • Daily Backups


Production Cluster for business critical applications
$ 937
Starts at
  • High Availability Cluster
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24x7x365 Coverage
  • < 60 Minute Priority Support
  • Incident Support & RCAs
  • System & Solr Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Webhooks, APIs & Integrations
  • Custom Terms of Service

Platinum Plus

Production Cluster for mission critical applications
$ 1,500
Starts at
  • High Availability Cluster
  • 99.95% Uptime
  • 24x7x365 Coverage
  • < 30 Minute Priority Support
  • Incident Support & RCAs
  • System & Solr Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Webhooks, APIs & Integrations
  • Custom Terms of Service
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Disaster Recovery


Solr Operations and Expertise as an Extension of your Team


For Companies Building Products/Apps with Embedded Solr for their Customer Base

Managed Solr Features By Plan

FeaturesSilverGoldPlatinumPlatinum Plus
Deployment Automation (Node or Cluster)
Solr and Zookeeper Log Access
Disk Upgrades and Downgrades
Custom Plugins
Scale Up / Scale Down
Monitoring Data Retention1 Day7 Days30 Days30 Days
Heartbeat and Threshold Alerts
System Level Metrics
Solr Search & Indexing Metrics
Availability Reporting
Premium Alerting
Audit Logging
Daily Backups
Disaster Recovery
Two-Factor Authentication
Single Sign-on
Solr / Basic Authentication
IP Filtering
Encryption at Transport
Encryption at Rest
Private Environment (VPC/VNet)
GDPR / Custom DPA
Custom Terms of Service
Priority Patching (Solr and OS)
Vulnerability ScanningQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Automation APIs
New Relic
Max Users24820
User Roles and Permissions
Uptime SLA99.5%99.9%99.95%
Support ChannelsWeb PortalWeb PortalWeb PortalPhone, Web Portal
Response Time< 72 Hours< 4 Hours< 60 Minutes< 30 Minutes
Support Coverage9-5 M-F US PTUS, EMEA, APAC Business Hours24x7x36524x7x365
Support ScopeProduct & Subscription QuestionsProduct & Subscription Questions & Incident TriagingProduct & Subscription Questions & Incident Triaging Product & Subscription Questions, Incident Triaging & Architectural Guidance
Port-mortem Reports
Solr Upgrade Assistance

* Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus are only available in Cluster configurations.

Managed Solr Add-ons

These Add-ons are available to purchase a la carte on Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus plans

Additional Storage

Need more storage on an existing plan? Simply purchase additional storage in blocks of 50GB and we will take care of it — for clusters, increasing storage happens without any downtime.

Scheduled Backups

Automate backups by configuring them to meet your compliance needs. Backups include Index Data, Configurations, Aliases and any custom JARs. Store your backups in another region for added security.

Private Environments

SearchStax supports Managed Solr deployments in Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) on AWS or Google Cloud and on Virtual Private Networks (VNet) on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery options are packaged based on RTO needs and a certain RPO. SearchStax offers cold, warm and hot Disaster Recovery options to support your compliance needs.

Security Pack

For sensitive data and higher compliance requirements, our Security Pack will provide single sign-on, encryption at rest, customer-specified TLS, cyphers, monthly vulnerability scans, and priority patching for Apache Solr vulnerabilities.

Professional Services

Get the expertise you need to accelerate the success of your project

Onboarding Services

For a smooth onboarding, we provide Ready Services with access to a Search Architect with 10+ year of experience working with Open Source Search Engines (Lucene, Solr, or Elastic), a Search / Cloud Operations Lead who has extensive experience with working with various cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP and knows and breathes day-to-day operations, and a Customer Success Manager to ensure successful onboarding with an eye on milestones, timelines, and customer satisfaction.

Advisory Services

Whether your organization is a startup or a large enterprise, a dedicated Solr Architect can be assigned to provide expertise to accelerate the success of your project or for ongoing platform optimization and tuning.

Advisory services may include:

Pricing FAQs

Yes, Customers typically have multiple deployments within their account. A way to think about deployments would be a mapping to your application environments. Thus, one could have multiple non-production environments, a production environment and optionally a disaster recovery environment. Advanced use cases may have multiple production level clusters running in multiple geographical regions.

No, most customers have non-production environments under Silver Plans, and Production environments under Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus Plans. It’s not advised to run production environments on Silver Plans.

If you are a customer with a Term commitment (Annual or 3Y), you can upgrade a deployment and we will bill you pro-rata for the remaining term based on the new pricing. You can downgrade your plan at the end of the current Term.

No, SearchStax offers dedicated environments with Native Solr. We do not have any artificial limits on the number of collections.

Our dedicated plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum & Platinum Plus) are all run under SearchStax’s Cloud Provider account, however we have the ability to create a dedicated Virtual Private Network that houses your deployments. Our Enterprise Plan has options that allow you to utilize your own Cloud Provider account and we can run within your account.

You retain all ownership of data that you send to your account.

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