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System Level Metrics

Server level monitoring for CPU, Physical Memory, Disk space, Swap usage, etc.

JVM & GC Metrics

Keep a pulse on how your JVM is performing with metrics like free & used heap size, garbage collection statistics, threads & more.

Search Throughtput and Latency

Detailed collection level metrics around average requests per second, request rate, average latency, search errors & timeouts.

Indexing Throughput and Latency

Collection level metrics around average indexing requests per second, indexing request rate, average latency, indexing errors, pending docs, commit freq., docs added & more.

Caching Metrics

Stay on top of cache hit ratios, cache warmup time, evictions & utilize the data to improve search performance & stability

Realtime & Historical View

All data is available in realtime & historic data is available for comparison & look back analysis.

Threshold Alerting

Configure threshold based alerts on any available metric and get notified when thresholds are reached. Control frequency of alerts & delays before notifying.

Incident management

Each incident is recorded along with activities and actions performed on those incidents. Keep a tab on open & closed incidents in a single view.

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