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Some example metrics include

Top Searches: The Top Searches table reveals what users have searched for. It includes all searches, not just the most-popular ones, and can be sorted on any column of data tracked including count, hits, clicks, and click thru rate.

Top No-Results Searches: Search Product Owners are especially interested in user queries that produce zero results. We summarize these queries and highlight the queries with the highest volume. Search teams can then take action to match appropriate responses to these high volume no result search queries.

Response Time: The Response Time display tracks query response time over a configurable time period. This enables search teams to begin to trouble shoot potential problem areas to optimize search engine performance.

Average Click Position: When a user selects a search-result item and clicks on it, what was the position of the item in the list? Average Click Position records the position of the search result when it is clicked. This is a great metric to inform your search team how relevant their search results are. The lower the number the faster your users are finding what they are looking for. This metric give you insight into search relevance and over time how your relevance is trending. It is a powerful metric that can provide guidance for search relevance optimization.

Analytics are a key component to any search platform – to get the most out of your search applications make sure you are getting the metrics you need. Click here to learn more about our Solr-as-a-Service or our Elasticsearch-as-a-Service.
Search Volume & Rate

Helps you understand how many searches are being done by your users over time (month, week, day, hour).

Top Searches & No Results Searches

Find what people are looking for and what they are not finding (discover potential revenue loss or dissatisfaction).

Individual Query Level Detail

Get total searches, hits, click through rates & latency for each individual query. Helps you optimize your search experience.

Top Performing content

Top Content that is being shown to the users and Top Content that your users are engaging with.

Technology Agnostic

Our Search Analytics is vendor neutral & search engine technology agnostic. Whatever search technology you use, our products work with those.

Mobile Ready

We provide native SDKs for all major platforms and javascript integration for mobile web.

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