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searchstax solr 7.7

We’re pleased to announce that Apache Solr Version 7.7.2 is now available on all SearchStax plans. You can create a new Solr 7.7.2 deployment by signing up for a 14-day free trial account OR by creating a new deployment in your existing account.

We made available Solr 7.5 in February. Improvements and Bug Fix highlights since Solr 7.5 include:

  • JSON ‘terms’ Faceting now supports a ‘prelim_sort’ option to use when initially selecting the top ranking buckets, prior to the final ‘sort’ option used after refinement.
  • Add a login page to Admin UI, with initial support for Basic Auth and Kerberos.
  • New Node-level health check handler at /admin/info/healthcheck and /node/health paths that checks if the node is live, connected to zookeeper and not shutdown.
  • It is now possible to configure a host whitelist for distributed search.
  • Field and FieldType now support a new uninvertible option to control using costly field cache or more efficient docValues.
  • Collections API has been improved to support adding multiple replicas to a collection shard at a time as well as splitting into multiple sub-shards directly.
  • Autoscaling’s suggestions API now include rebalance options as well as suggestions to add new replicas for lost replicas.
  • Several new Stream Evaluators have been added to include: oscillate, convexHull, enclosingDisk, pairSort, log10, percentiles, and pivot for geometric and scientific analysis.
  • UnifiedHighlighter has been improved to support best/perfect highlighting accuracy and full phrase highlighting.
  • High CPU usage in Solr due to Java 8 bug (SOLR–13349)
  • Multiplicative query boost sometimes not applied (SOLR–13126)
  • InPlace update fail if schema has required field (SOLR–11876)
  • Admin UI inaccessible with RuleBasedAuthorizationPlugin (SOLR–13344)
  • MetricsHistoryHandler does not work with BasicAuth (SOLR–12860)
  • ByteArrayUtf8CharSequence cannot be cast to String (SOLR–13285)
  • RI Too Long with large streaming expressions in SolrJ.
  • A failure while reloading a SolrCore can result in the SolrCore not
  • being closed.
  • Spellcheck parameters not working in new UI.
  • New Admin UI Query does not URL-encode the query produced in the URL
  • box.
  • Rule-base Authorization plugin skips authorization if querying node
  • does not have collection replica.
  • Solr installer fails on SuSE linux.
  • Fix incorrect SOLR_SSL_KEYSTORE_TYPE variable in solr start script.

We recommend that you explore the full list of changes and improvements in the Apache Solr 7.7.2 release notes.

If you’d like to upgrade your existing deployments to Solr 7.7.2, feel free to reach out to We will be happy to explain your options and upgrade path.