Sitecore Deprecates Azure Search

Migrating Azure Search to Solr Is Easy with SearchStax

Azure Search Is Not an Option for Sitecore 10

Sitecore has deprecated Azure Cognitive Search for Sitecore 10.x and recommends Solr as the default search engine to prevent future upgrade obstacles.

Start Planning Your Upgrade to Solr Now

Your Sitecore deployment demands a production-grade Solr infrastructure to maximize your investment. Now is the time to start planning for your migration and upgrade to Solr for Sitecore 10.

Solr Options for Sitecore

SearchStax Managed Solr for Sitecore gives you production-grade Solr infrastructure faster with less risk and at a lower overall cost -- and lets your developers spend more time focused on value-added tasks.

Production-Grade Solr Is Demanding

Sitecore needs production-grade Solr to hum. Here’s what it means.

High Availability​

Managed Solr provides multi-node clusters with fault tolerance architecture. Cross-region backups and disaster recovery options are available.​

Essential Features

Managed Solr gives you cloud automation, monitoring and alerting, backups, disaster recovery, developer APIs and integrations.​

Robust Security

Managed Solr addresses your security concerns with 2FA authentication, whitelisting, encryption at rest and transport, role-based access, private environments and security certifications.

Frictionless Integration

Add Solr to your Sitecore architecture with a few clicks. Thanks to its tight integration with Sitecore, adding Managed Solr is a snap.

24x7x365 Support

Managed Solr has multiple support options backed by SLAs with uptime guarantees, 24x7x365 coverage and response times less than 30 minutes.

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