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"It was absolutely crucial to us that search on on our Drupal site meets high accessibility as well as performance standards. We are delighted that SearchStax Managed Solr has been able to deliver."

— Liz North, Head of Communications and Marketing

IOP uses Managed Solr on Drupal Case Study

Solr Adds Features and Boosts Performance for Drupal

Drupal integrates easily with the Apache Solr search platform and can be used as a replacement for the basic core content search. Solr provides extra features, is highly customizable and achieves more effective search results for your website or application.

Uptime and 24x7x365 Support SLAs

Managed Solr for Drupal lets you sleep tight and let SearchStax provide 24x7x365 support and meet desired uptimes with less than 30-minute response time guarantees.​

Custom Crawler Capability for Drupal

SearchStax manages the intricacies of crawling your Drupal websites, whether it’s content that’s publicly available or behind a private firewall.

Public or Private Clouds for Drupal Deployments

Select from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud on Our Cloud or Your Account

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Security and Compliance

SearchStax provides the following security components for all customers:

We also offer a bundled add-on Security Pack that provides greater levels of security for organizations with more stringent business requirement. The Security Pack includes Single Sign-On (SSO), Transport Layer Security and Ciphers, Priority Solr Patching and Monthly Vulnerability Scans.

Trusted by Drupal Users Worldwide

Innovators across the world trust SearchStax to help them deliver better search experiences at scale.

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