About is a ZeroOps application delivery hub for engineering teams to deploy applications more easily. The developer-centric, open source platform makes developers’ lives and jobs easier, minimizing the stress of managing infrastructure or operations. supports organizations to accelerate their cloud and container adoption, along with providing easily managed Kubernetes for developer teams. runs anywhere in the world, with 24/7/365 dedicated support.'s Services

24/7 Support: Our global team of experts is always on beck and call to investigate and solve problems and provide the support you need.

Managed Kubernetes: Kubernetes can be hard to learn, and even harder to use. The team is full of Kubernetes experts you can access at any time for custom configurations.

Technical Account Managers: Your technical account manager won’t just offer technical support – they’re an advocate for your business in every single way. Consider them your go-to person.

Migration Assistance: Migration can be hard, but you won’t do it alone. Our experts will help you through the process with solution-oriented support, 100% of the time.

Custom Development: We really mean it when we say we don’t do cookie-cutter. We will support your team with customized development fully tailored to your business – no matter what your requirements are.

Tailored Training: We don’t expect you to just dive right in – we will work with your team to do guided, customized onboarding on how to make the most out of our platform. Plus, we remain available for any requested team training, technical support, or questions you have.

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