SearchStax helps City of Nashville and APQC improve site search and empower digital marketing with SearchStax Studio

SearchStax Drupal Module is the key to fast and effective implementation of SearchStax Studio

Nov 17, 2021

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — City of Nashville improves citizen experience with better, integrated multi-website search and APQC digital marketing team gains visibility into search analytics with SearchStax Studio for Drupal.

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Infographic - 14 Search UX Best Practices for Drupal

The City of Nashville initiated a multi-year website update using the Drupal CMS, and integrated SearchStax Studio as part of the Drupal implementation in May 2021. The production system was then optimized for Nashville’s five different web properties in 3 months. SearchStax Studio has improved the citizen experience by delivering a more intuitive and easier-to-use search – and is giving the Nashville digital marketing team insights in what is being searched and what content is most important. Using the SearchStax Drupal Module, the implementation team was able to save weeks of development time and quickly delivered a search page leveraging the out-of-the-box features of SearchStax Studio.

American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) previously had no visibility into search analytics and with SearchStax Studio gained visibility and control of site search and the user experience without depending on IT resources.  The implementation of SearchStax Studio was an addition to a self-hosted managed Solr implementation with Drupal, leveraging the Drupal SearchStax Module, designed for fast and seamless Drupal CMS integrations.

“Prior to Searchstax. APQC had no insight into our search analytics. Now that we are onboard with the tool, there are a whole host of things that we have. The dashboard itself – having the intelligence on what’s being searched, how often, where people land in their search, click-through rates – it’s all in our fingertips and helps push us forward”, says Amanda Schalyo, Executive Director of Marketing at APQC.

The City of Nashville and APQC benefited from the SearchStax team’s unparalleled knowledge of open source search, it’s relentless focus on customer success and excellence at building a scalable platform – in this case specifically for Drupal environments.

“We developed the Drupal module to enable users to configure site search on Drupal in less than 60 minutes. This unprecedented speed of integration is a result of dedication to creating the best customer experience possible. Our integration module instantly makes the power of our SearchStax Studio product available to nearly all modern Drupal sites. Drupal search pages are unchanged but can deliver results immediately with the Search UX best practices built into the Search UX Accelerator,” said Sameer Maggon, CEO of SearchStax.

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SearchStax is the easiest and fastest way for marketers and developers to deliver the most powerful, relevant and robust search experiences. SearchStax offers end-to-end search solutions for better search – with Managed Solr infrastructure on the backend and SearchStax Studio powering site search on the front end. With tight integrations into the Sitecore, Drupal and Adobe ecosystems, and over 300 customers, companies around the globe trust SearchStax to make powerful search easier.

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