14 Search UX Best Practices for Drupal

14 Search UX Best Practices for Drupal

Are you satisfied with the search experience on your Drupal website? More importantly, are your customers satisfied with the search experience? 

Leveraging best practices for search pays dividends by improving the customer experience and getting users the information they are seeking quickly and efficiently. Improving the search experience also impacts customer satisfaction, conversion, retention and churn.

The good news is that adding best practices for search user experience or UX is easy with SearchStudio for Drupal with the Search UX Accelerator.  

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SearchStudio is Better Search for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9

SearchStudio provides a powerful and easy search solution for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites and gives digital marketers insights into search and control over the entire search experience:

  • Understand user behavior
  • Personalize the search experience
  • Optimize search rankings

There is also a SearchStax Drupal Module that leverages the Drupal Search API and Solr Search API to set up and configure SearchStudio on Drupal 8 or Drupal 9 in less than 60 minutes.

Search UX Accelerator is Built into SearchStudio

The Search UX Accelerator is integrated directly into SearchStudio and out-of-the-box, it quickly delivers advanced search UX best practices.

The Accelerator is a Javascript-based module that can be added to any webpage to quickly implement search UX best practices. For customers who want to immediately see their search results, we provide a hosted search page option that can be easily shared by sending a link to someone and it provides a frictionless implementation that does not involve any modifications on your website.

SearchStudio also includes a Theme Editor feature that gives UI developers or tech-savvy marketers who understand HTML and CSS to provide stylistic control over the search page. The Theme Editor lets users quickly customize a page to match the theme and look of their existing website.

You can see the UX best practices in action where it is implemented on the SearchStax or City of Nashville websites.

14 Search UX Best Practices for Drupal

How many of these best practices are in place on your Drupal website? 

The UX best practices built into the SearchStudio UX Accelerator can be summarized into two categories – search experience and advanced search UX recommendations.

Search Experience 

  1. Large Search Bar – Showcases your site search with a large, easy-to-view search bar
  2. # of Results – Sets context by showing the number of search results
  3. Facets – Provides filters to narrow the search by topic or content type
  4. Cards – Displays key information about the search result to guide use to content
  5. Pagination – Gives users an easy way to navigate through the search results
  6. Hit Highlighting – Highlights search terms to guide use to relevant sections of content
  7. View Styles – Provides alternative views and sorting by date or relevance
  8. Feedback – Lets users easily provide feedback on the search experience

Advanced Search UX Recommendations

9. Auto-Suggest – Delivers search recommendations as a user starts typing

10. Related Searches – Recommends related searches based on inputs and learning

11. Rankings – Boosts the ranking of content by emphasizing certain criteria

12. No Results – Provide explanation and directions when search returns no results

13. Rules – Gives greater control over content displayed using rules engine

14. Promotions – Curates specific content to the top of the search results

Download the 14 Search UX Best Practices for Drupal Infographic

Get all of the best practices for Drupal search in our one-page infographic.

Download Search UX Best Practices for Drupal