APQC Improves Search on Drupal

In this 3-minute excerpt from their 2021 DrupalCon session, the APQC team shares how they improved the search experience on their Drupal Website.

Amanda Schalyo discusses what they are getting with SearchStudio and her favorite features, John Tesmer shares why they selected SearchStudio and how it has impacted his IT organization and Jim Gilliland provides a technical perspective on implementing SearchStudio with Drupal.

Powerful Search for Drupal and Acquia

SearchStax for Drupal gives digital marketers insights into search and control over the search experience.

SearchStudio helps you:

  • Understand user behavior
  • Personalize the search experience
  • Optimize search rankings

SearchStudio for Drupal Benefits

  • Improved search experiences
  • Gain insights with search analytics
  • Empower marketing teams
  • Faster cycle time with easy-to-use tools
  • Quick implementations with Drupal Module and UX Accelerators