isango! Books SearchStax managed search
for its Sitecore Applications

SearchStax is an amazing platform that makes configuring Solr very easy and flexible – standalone Solr is very tricky technology to configure. But with the help of SearchStax, building high-availability Solr takes only a few minutes’ work. It is amazing how SearchStax simplifies Solr implementations.

Head of Technology


isango!’s mission is “to empower every person to experience the uniqueness of the world with us”. Across 300+ destinations, their tours, activities and things to do offer unique and breathtaking moments for first-time travelers, locals and everyone in between. isango! is part of Hotelbeds Group, the world’s leading business-to-business bedbank.


isango! is part of Hotelbeds Group, the world’s leading bedbank, an important B2B layer in the travel industry ecosystem. isango! uses Sitecore for much of its mission-critical business and high-availability Solr underpins isango!’s Sitecore installation. isango! demands high performance and always tries to “serve everything in milliseconds” as its Head of Technology likes to say.

isango’s needed a fast, highly available, and relevant search service for their Azure-hosted Sitecore solution. A hosted highly available Apache Solr service with disaster recovery was determined to be the ideal solution.


isango! needed a Solr solution that would improve both operational reliability and performance substantially. isango! also required a proven track record of compatibility with Sitecore. And isango! wanted higher ease of use and better support as well.

isango! tried multiple solutions on SaaS and PaaS models. They tried to run Solr on their own VMs as well. After multiple POCs and even some R&D investment, isango! discovered SearchStax Managed Search. isango! tested other platforms and found them lacking compared to SearchStax – they were either not as stable and needed too much attention or required too much effort to configure.

“SearchStax fulfilled all our criteria,” said isango! 

isango! chose SearchStax Managed Search service for their Solr needs. The Solr instances SearchStax delivers are finely tuned and battle-tested over hundreds of deployments, many connected to Sitecore.


With SearchStax, isango! now enjoys high-performance, high-availability Solr. isango! can deploy complex Solr instances with a few minutes’ work and perform DevOps operations that are notoriously complex in Solr with just a few clicks. Now isango! leaves the mundane operations and maintenance of its Solr infrastructure to SearchStax and can call on Solr engineers from SearchStax if the need arises.

Here’s the bottom line according to isango! “SearchStax is a key component of our technology stack.”


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