August 12, 2022

Daniela Prada


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SearchStax is proud to announce the addition of Symetris to its Alliance Program as a Silver Partner. Symetris is a digital agency that helps develop dynamic, database-driven websites, intranets, extranets, and applications with a team of certified Drupal experts.

Founded in 2004 and with headquarters in Montréal, Canada, Symetris is a leader in digital project management, using a unique methodology that has ensured the success of large-scale projects in complex ecosystems.

With a wide range of services that take clients from the vision and planning stages, all the way through to the implementation and maintenance of the site, Symetris has the capabilities and expertise to take on any challenge. Its team of experts helps companies accelerate digital innovation, personalize the online experience, and ensure platform stability. 

The Path To Success

Symetris doesn’t improvise. They have developed a methodology that guarantees the success of all digital projects, based on three guiding principles: commitment to long-term success, from strategic planning to implementation; support and guidance, founded on their anticipatory methodology; and expertise, thanks to more than 15 years of experience developing complex digital ecosystems. 

This methodology has allowed Symetris to offer digital solutions to top brands in Canada, such as Videotron, a communications company in Quebec; the iconic toy brand, MattelFizz, a mobile and internet provider; and Savoir Media, a Canadian TV channel broadcasting since 1984. 

Symetris is able to achieve all of this thanks to its dedicated team of project managers and system developers that firmly believe that the road to success is just as important as the destination. Throughout the years, they have come up with four core values to represent what Symetris is all about: heart, discipline, expertise, and transparency.

SearchStax looks forward to partnering with Symetris to deliver dynamic search experiences! 

About the SearchStax Alliance Program

Through the Alliance Program, SearchStax and partners combine talents to ensure that customers have robust Solr search infrastructure with SearchStax Cloud and a more relevant frontend search experience with SearchStax Studio. The alliance comprises over 20 companies and includes access to an exclusive partner portal with helpful resources and networking opportunities. 

What steps do we take during a real Solr DR incident?

Here are the steps we take during a real disaster recovery incident:

  1. SearchStax team receives a node unavailability alert and begins working on the issue
  2. SearchStax tries to restart the Solr node and bring collections back to a healthy state
  3. If all Solr nodes in a cluster become unavailable for 5 minutes, this triggers a DR failover
  4. SearchStax receives a support ticket which notifies us that DR has triggered, and a DNS switch will be occurring
  5. DNS propagation takes 1-2 minutes after the initial 5 minutes. We aim to achieve less than a 10 minute RTO for Warm and Hot DR
  6. SearchStax next step is to notify your team via the support ticket that a DR failover has occurred and provide a meeting link for your users to join and work through the issue together
  7. SearchStax continues working to bring primary cluster Solr nodes up and wait for collections to recover
  8. If we receive responses by email or via the meeting room, we work with the customer’s team to coordinate on switching the DNS back to the primary cluster
  9. If we are receiving no responses from your teams, we move you back to primary as soon as all collections are healthy
  10. If you have purchased Platinum or Platinum Plus support plan, SearchStax provides Post Mortems as an additional service. We follow up with a Post Mortem report within 3 business days and schedule a time with your team to review what happened, answer questions and identify best next steps

Now that you have a clear explanation of the SearchStax DR options and how Disaster Recovery works, you will be able to decide for yourself which option best fits your business case and needs.

By Daniela Prada

Partner Marketing Manager

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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