May 03, 2022

Tom Humbarger


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At DrupalCon 2022Sameer Maggon, head of product for SearchStax, gave a presentation titled “Introducing the Surprising”. It was surprising because of the quality of the search results on the current website, and surprising because of the modest effort required to build a better search experience based on real content.

Importance of Search

Sameer started off the presentation looking at the importance of search and gave these statistics to prove his point:

  • Search abandonment costs in excess of $300 billion annually in the US
  • 84% of companies fail to optimize and measure their on-site search
  • When a customer uses search, they are 1.8 times more likely to convert
  • 75% of users search queries are influenced by Google auto-suggestions and these uses make a selection from the suggestions rather than typing the rest of their search term

How Do We Make Search Better

Google has raised expectations in providing results that users are looking for from a keyword experience and upped the ante in what to expect out of a great search experience. Unfortunately, when you look at many corporate websites today, that experience is not on par with the Google experience.

Looking at the search experience on the website, there are many areas of improvement. Sameer issued some search examples, showed the results and pointed out several areas of deficiency in the current search results.

This led into a discussion of the 3 key ingredients for better search:

  • Analytics and metrics to help owners understand what users are searching for and clicking on
  • Capability set for facets, geospatial, ranking, relevance spell check, related searches, etc.
  • Deliver maximum value for relevance and ranking to get users to where they want to go as quickly as possibilities

Sameer then revealed what a great search experience could look like on Drupal based on a project called DrupalSearch. DrupalSearch was built as a demonstration for DrupalCon using real content.

Visit to test drive the search results page.

Next Steps for

After showing some potential results on, Sameer ended with a list of next steps for getting a better search experience on SearchStax has already volunteered to support the project efforts from a hosting, time and license perspective.

  • Get sponsorship to support the project efforts (hosting, time and
    license) from SearchStax – DONE
  • Get Support from Website team to crawl the website or get
    access to data
  • Get permission to use “” and make it available to
    Drupal Community (verify the trademark usage)
  • Make search analytics and insights publicly available to Drupal community

Watch the Surprising Presentation

Watch the entire presentation below or on Drupal Association YouTube channel or download the slides.

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

"SearchStax Cloud Serverless complements our SearchStax Cloud offering by providing an option that enables developers to deploy and integrate Solr quickly with their website or application at a low starting cost."

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