August 31, 2021

Tom Humbarger


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We announced today that Grant Ingersoll, an expert in search, natural language processing and artificial intelligence has been appointed to the SearchStax Advisory board. Grant is a co-founder of Lucid and former CTO of Lucidworks and has made substantial contributions of code and expertise to the open-source community since 2006.

Sameer Maggon, SearchStax Founder and CEO had this to say about Grant:

“With his unique expertise, Grant will have a critical role in helping guide SearchStax to the next level, on product, technology, and market landscape.”

On why he is joining SearchStax, Grant commented:

“SearchStax is laser-focused on being best-in-class in making it easy to take away the pains that haunt many people in the search space and I am thrilled to work with Sameer and his amazing team.”

For the complete story, check out the press release.

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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