May. 03, 2017

Sameer Maggon


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“Don’t run with scissors.”

“Wear your jacket when it’s cold out.”


“Back up your data every day.”

Measured Search is pleased to announce our new Solr backup feature. The back up Solr feature is available to all SearchStax clients at all levels of support.

Backups of a deployment can be performed on demand or automatically on a configurable schedule. Backups include both the Solr index and the Zookeeper configuration.

SearchStax retains multiple backups up to a configurable limit. Beyond that limit, the oldest backups are automatically discarded.

For additional information see the Back up Solr discussion in the SearchStax User’s Guide.  Click the link to learn more about SearchStax, the leading Solr-as-a-Service platform.

By Sameer Maggon

VP, Product

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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