3 Hiring Tips To Create a Positive Workplace with The Berndt Group

TBG Sponsored Partner Spotlight

This month we’re shining the spotlight on TBG, a SearchStax Alliance Partner that is celebrating its 30th year! 

In its three decades of generating digital excellence, the company has also created a workplace culture and reputation of positivity and growth. The company has never experienced layoffs or furloughs during its 30-year history, including in 2020. Last December, in the midst of a global pandemic, TBG was named a “Top Workplace” by the Baltimore Sun based on its own employee surveys and feedback. 

3 Hiring Tips for a Positive Work Culture

We’ve compiled three hiring tips from Michelle Géczy, TBG’s Chief Operating Officer, for creating a dynamic and positive work culture through the hiring process:  

Hire Character over Experience 

  • If a candidate is not engaged and you can’t see them easily fitting into the team or culture, it likely won’t work out. Look for a person’s greater potential. 

Trust Your Gut 

  • If something feels off, it usually is.  

Patience is Key 

  • If you rush to hire, it likely won’t produce the best results. Slowing down allows you to make an informed decision.  
Michelle Geczy - TB Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Géczy, TBG’s Chief Operating Officer

Watch the full video with Michelle on TBG’s website

In addition to being a leader in employee satisfaction, TBG has also won several awards for its work, including multiple Sitecore Experience Awards, ADDY® awards, and Webby honors. 

SearchStax wishes a Happy 30th to all of our friends at TBG!

More About The Berndt Group

Baltimore-based TBG is a national, award-winning, thought-leading digital agency specializing in the design and implementation of significant websites—as well as the building of Web operations, site promotion, and varied support that follow from their launch. For clients like Valspar, Stanley Black & Decker, Penn Medicine, UMMS, Johns Hopkins Institutions, National Aquarium, and Pitney Bowes, TBG has been a valued partner to advance these large organization’s digital strategies—and to successfully execute on those strategies.

In addition to being a leading force in many areas of digital best practices, TBG is also one of the oldest such firms in the country. Since 1991, the company has developed more than 400+ significant interactive projects, always keeping up with the changing realities, and leading wherever it can. TBG is well-known for its grounded thoroughness, intellectual edge, excellent employee culture, and highly creative problem-solving—and have never taken the changing landscape of the Web for granted.

The company has always been unusually stable among digital agencies—with a directorship that has largely been with the company since 2000, never having had a layoff, never having had a legal action of any kind, and sustaining industry defying client retention. TBG must be doing something right! 

To learn more about TBG’s extensive knowledge, history and services, visit their website