Jul. 23, 2013

Sameer Maggon


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As an online business owner, having an eye-catching, colorful website chock full of merchandise doesn’t alone translate into profits. Ease of navigation as well as proper formatting for both desktop and mobile devices are essential as well. However, one important component that is often neglected is that of the site’s own search engine.

A site search engine is crucial to your online success. In fact, it rates right up there with the shopping cart and home page as one of the top features of the website. So what’s the secret behind an effective site search tool? Many successful online businesses incorporate a number of tools within their site search.

Search filter. A site search box is just not plopped down on the home page. It must feature a method in which results can be filtered with a variety of attributes. These could include such details as brand, color, and price.

Suggested items. Giving the customer a running list of suggested items as they type not only makes it less work for them but also leads to greater success in search results.

Autocorrect. With most people typing from a mobile device on the go, a built-in auto format and/or autocorrect mechanism is a must. This will drastically cut down on unsuccessful searches when an item is entered incorrectly.

Ranking. Results can be sorted as bestselling, price, or brand which can be a timesaver to the customer.

User defined attributes. Allowing visitors to choose the sorting order assists them in their decisions. A popular method is allowing customers to define the number of results to display on the page.

With consumers on the go and demanding refined, quick, and accurate results when searching for items, the site search field is an essential part of every ecommerce website. By reviewing the capabilities of your current site search and upgrading to include the above tools, you can improve your chances of converting site visits to purchases.

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By Sameer Maggon

VP, Product

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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