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SearchStax Welcomes amazee.io to Alliance Program

SearchStax is pleased to announce the addition of amazee.io to its Alliance Program as a Technology Partner. amazee.io is a global company supporting organizations to build, run, manage, maintain, update, and secure their websites and web applications – so their developers and IT teams can focus on innovation and their core business.

amazee.io’s world-class support and services have been purposely engineered to allow their clients to build high-performing sites and web applications, offering a truly customer-focused experience and results-driven approach to support while nurturing a unique culture based on trust, transparency, and collaboration. 

Modern work for a modern world

With a fully remote team distributed around the globe, amazee.io was born out of its sister company, Amazee Labs, in response to the need to find a hosting solution that could meet their developers’ needs. Since then, amazee.io has been helping organizations succeed in today’s digital world, and renowned brands, such as SmartsheetThe Australian GovernmentUrban Utilities, and Lindt, have trusted amazee.io to host their sites and web applications.  

amazee.io’s biggest asset is their talented team, and they prioritize employee well-being and flexibility. Employees enjoy flexible hours and locations, along with educational opportunities for continued growth. 

SearchStax looks forward to partnering with amazee.io to deliver dynamic search experiences! 

About the SearchStax Alliance Program

Through the Alliance Program, SearchStax and partners combine talents to ensure that customers have robust and high availability Solr search infrastructure with SearchStax Cloud and a more relevant frontend search experience with SearchStax Studio. The Alliance comprises over 40 companies and includes access to an exclusive partner portal with resources, best practices, and networking opportunities.

About the Author

By Daniela Prada

Partner Marketing Manager

March 25, 2022


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