November 21, 2022

Chris Hanson


1 min. read

Pete Navarra, VP of DXP Solutions at SearchStax and Sitecore MVP, joined Fireside Sitecore Podcast host Josh Hover and Merkle Solutions Architect Chet Povin to talk about site search solutions for Sitecore on the Nov. 7 episode.

“There’s so much more to search than just the user experience of returning results and seeing assets,” said Navarra. “You have the ability, as a marketer, to promote content at the top of a search result.”

Together the three covered a wide gambit of issues and topics including:

  • the evolution of site search,
  • user expectations,
  • difficulties in building a search engine, and
  • the wide variety of site search tools available to companies

Listen to the full recording.

By Chris Hanson

Principal Content Specialist

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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