September 28, 2022

Chris Hanson


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Users have rated SearchStax as a High Performer in the G2 Enterprise Search Fall 2022 report – for the third quarter in a row. SearchStax also was recognized as a top company in G2’s Enterprise Relationship Index and Enterprise Usability Index for enterprise search software. And of all the High Performers, SearchStax ranked the highest for customer satisfaction.

High Performer for G2 Enterprise Search

The High Performer achievement is particularly significant as the company achieved it partly due to its high customer satisfaction rating while simultaneously growing its base of customers. This is a considerable challenge for any organization, ensuring that existing customers continue having their needs met while successfully onboarding and helping new customers.

“We ran into a few snags after our implementation partner rolled off the project. The SearchStax team has been incredibly responsive in solving our issues and educating us along the way,” said one reviewer on June 30, an administrator in engineering. The reviewer also shared that there have been no downsides in working with the company. “They have exceeded our expectations, and the speed of results is great.”

“The SearchStax team has been extremely responsive to our unique custom requirements and last minute changes,” said another reviewer on July 21. “They are always friendly and professional. We haven’t presented them with a challenge yet that they couldn’t solve.”

98 Percent Support Quality Rating

SearchStax also earned many accolades for how they work with their customers. It received a 98% rating in quality of support, surpassing other well-known companies including Google Cloud Search, Microsoft Bing, and Coveo. It was recognized as the top company for the following categories:

  • #1 Best Relationship
  • #1 Best Support
  • #1 Easiest To Do Business With

Consistently Provides User-Friendly Solutions

Users ranked SearchStax solutions high here as well. The SearchStax Cloud and SearchStax Studio products make it easier for customers to create reliable websites with an advanced search experience. Both are key to building trust and engagement with today’s digital-first end users. Within this category, the company earned the following recognitions:

  • #1 Best Usability
  • #1 Easiest Admin
  • #1 Best Meets Requirements

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace and helps professionals make smarter decisions on software purchases based on authentic and real peer reviews. SearchStax currently has 4.7 out of 5 stars on its G2 customer reviews, including 9.7 out of 10 for quality of support.

SearchStax makes powerful search easy and is the fastest and easiest way to deliver relevant digital experiences. Schedule a demo, start a free trial or contact us for more information about SearchStax Cloud or SearchStax Studio.

By Chris Hanson

Principal Content Specialist

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