May 17, 2021

Tom Humbarger


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The SearchStax product team is continually striving to bring new features and functionality into our Managed Solr product to ensure we are delivering the best possible solution for our customers.

Editor’s Note: Managed Solr is now SearchStax Cloud. It is the same great product that lets developers set up and deploy Solr infrastructure in minutes.

We are announcing the following features in our Spring 2021 Managed Solr product release:

  • Added Two-Factor Authentication
  • Support for Single Sign-on
  • Support for Sitecore 10.1 in SearchStax for Sitecore Plugin
  • Apache Solr 8.8.1 availability for all SearchStax customers
  • Added New Azure Regions 

We use internal code names when we are developing products and each of our product releases is named after a National Park. This release was referred to as Yosemite for our development team so we are showcasing Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park from the John Muir Trail as the featured image for this post.

Read the rest of the post to learn more about the new Managed Solr features.

Two-Factor Authentication

In order to improve the security options available for our users, SearchStax added Two-Factor Authentication to Managed Solr. Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA is a popular security protocol which provides added security for any application and makes it more secure by adding an extra layer of protection to the account.

Learn more about Two-Factor Authentication and how to set it up with your SearchStax applications in our 2FA blog post.

Single Sign-on with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

SearchStax now offers the ability for users to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) using the Microsoft Azure Active Directory. We are using the open standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to pass authorization credentials to service providers. SSO provides a frictionless user experience, enforces risk-based access policies and automates provisioning workflows and self-service tools to help companies reduce IT costs.

Once SSO is enabled for your account and a domain is set up, the admin is able to see the configuration options in the User Preferences screen of the Managed Solr Dashboard.

The SearchStax SSO is an add-on feature that needs to be purchased and implemented separately. Learn more about SSO in the Managed Solr documentation.

Sitecore Plugin Updated for Sitecore 10.1

The Plugin now supports the following Sitecore versions:

  • Sitecore 10.1
  • Sitecore 10.0
  • Sitecore 9.0 Update-2
  • Sitecore 9.1 Update-1
  • Sitecore 9.2 Initial Update
  • Sitecore 9.3 Initial Update
  • Sitecore Commerce 9.2.0 Initial Update
  • Sitecore Commerce 9.3.0 Initial Update using PowerShell

Download the latest version of the Plugin from the SearchStax GitHub page and check with the Managed Solr documentation for the latest installation instructions.

Added Support for Solr 8.8.1

In this release, we added support for Apache Solr 8.8.1. Learn more about Solr 8.8.1 in the Documentation and Release Notes:

Refer to our Managed Solr documentation for a complete list of all supported versions of Solr. We will continue to certify the latest versions of Solr as they become available and as requested by our customers.

New Regions for Managed Solr Product on Azure

To further support customers around the world, we added the ability to start Azure deployments in following regions:

  • Switzerland North 
  • South Africa North 

SearchStax now supports more than 50 regions across the AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms. Refer to the Managed Solr documentation for a complete list of supported regions for each cloud provider.

The SearchStax Managed Solr Product Release is a quarterly communication highlighting the improvements and new features added to ensure you have the best solution to meet your Solr infrastructure needs.

SearchStax Managed Solr automates, manages, maintains and scales your Solr search infrastructure in public or private clouds – and frees your developers to spend more time focused on building better customer experiences. 

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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