September 01, 2021

Danielle Bartholomew


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For this month’s partner spotlight we’re focusing on UNRVLD, a new digital agency that was formed out of the successful merger of Kagool and Delete. After a period of integration, strategy and service alignment, UNRVLD is equipped for continued growth and ready to share its innovations with clients across the globe.

We reached out to UNRVLD’s team to learn more about the inspiration behind the new name and direction.

Dan Berry, CEO, shared the meaning behind the name and explained that:

“UNRVLD is a mindset. We share in our clients’ mission to create unrivalled work in their field, using a master blend of exceptional people and best-in-class technology.”

The new agency is organised around three key services: experience, technology and performance. With over 180 experts across five offices in the UK and Lithuania, UNRVLD lives up to its name.

An additional pillar to the new agency is a commitment to bring even greater value to its clients through ongoing investments and partnerships. SearchStax has been a partner of the former Delete/Kagool since 2016. Together the companies have successfully managed several projects, including implementations with London Metal Exchange, DWF Law, Burges Salmon and more. This partnership combines UNRVLD’s digital expertise and service excellence with SearchStax’s Solr and site search expertise, allowing both companies to create immense value for clients. UNRVLD’s ability and eagerness to incorporate companies like SearchStax, with experts and industry leaders, into its repertoire perfectly aligns with the agency’s new mindset.

“Our relationship with SearchStax enables us to be confident and to provide an UNRVLD experience to our customers, giving them peace of mind that all elements (not just the underlying DXP) of their landscape are supported by experts. SearchStax is built on an underlying technology that we are skilled in, but is not a core part of our expertise, and our decision to partner with SearchStax is an indication of us wanting to provide the best (UNRVLD experience) for our customers.

Since our first engagement with SearchStax the value they were bringing to the table was evident and has continued to be the case, providing a range of offerings that give us the flexibility and room to scale from an implementation point of view and from a supportability point of view. We are able to provide round-the-clock support to our customers. Their response to incidents and their subsequent insight and analysis into causes of incidents, after the event, allows us to be confident in the message we deliver to our customer as well as helping them to improve and evolve their solution.”

SearchStax is looking forward to growing its partnership with UNRVLD in this new era. The UNRVLD team has always been innovative and dedicated to bringing clients the highest level of value and service.

“The team at UNRVLD is composed of forward-thinking and passionate professionals. They are knowledgeable, highly skilled at finding the best solutions, and creating lasting value for their clients. They take the time to really understand their clients needs and to foster meaningful relationships built on industry knowledge and trust. Our team was able to witness this during implementations with Barratt Homes, Maples, Irwin Mitchell, and several others.

They are committed to going above and beyond to create an “unrivalled” experience for their clients. SearchStax is fortunate to have them as a solutions partner and looks forward to growing our partnership as the agency enters an exciting new chapter.”

Sameer Maggon, CEO at SearchStax

The SearchStax team welcomes UNRVLD and its new mindset. We look forward to growing the alliance by creating lasting value and unrivalled experiences!


UNRVLD pioneers digital excellence with leading brands for transformative business growth. They serve customers incredible experiences that make their lives easier and deliver unrivalled solutions so you can anticipate change, adapt at pace and deliver at scale, using their core pillars of Experience, Technology and Performance. UNRVLD is famous for its work with The Open, Southampton FC, Roquette, Biffa, and Welsh Water. With offices across the UK and in Europe, it is an agency without borders, delivering digital solutions worldwide.

A global family of digital experts, UNRVLD nurtures its people to be the best they can be for themselves, their clients and their customers.

By Danielle Bartholomew

Director, Partner Success

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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