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SearchStax Launches Fully Managed Cloud-Agnostic Elasticsearch Service

Huge Announcement from the SearchStax Team!

Pick a Cloud…Any Cloud

SearchStax’ Elasticsearch Service is Cloud agnostic. Host, deploy, manage and scale Elasticsearch applications in any cloud (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). Enterprises choose cloud vendors based on different criteria. Those criteria can change over time – as they change, so too can the cloud provider.

Managed Services with SLA-backed Guarantees

Get 24x7x365 comprehensive and SLA-backed Managed Services from Elasticsearch experts. They are only a call or an email away – literally, anytime. Enjoy peace of mind with fully managed Elasticsearch Service.

Actionable Insights

Detailed query level metrics allows users to gain insights around what your users are searching for and how you can optimize search relevance. Get search conversion analytics, query level details and session level analytics to discover and track areas of improvement that can lead to increased click throughs and revenue.

Custom Plugin Support

Want to add the latest plugin or add a custom plugin to your Elasticsearch cluster? Elasticsearch Service by SearchStax supports custom plugins through their developer support.

“We’ve seen some of our customers struggle with their hosted Elasticsearch applications and felt there was a strong need for a fully managed Elasticsearch Service solution. They want to be able to focus on the interesting aspects of their job: application development and relevance tuning. And they want to leave the maintenance, support, care and feeding of the search infrastructure and tooling to someone else. Over the last year, we’ve really grown and learned from our Solr-as-a-Service customers and we’re applying these lessons learned to our customers who are utilizing Elasticsearch.”

-Sameer Maggon, CEO SearchStax

About SearchStax

SearchStax® enables companies to elevate the experience of Apache Solr or Elasticsearch based search applications faster and with more confidence. SearchStax® by SearchStax is a leading cloud orchestration, management and analytics platform for Open Source Search. Delivering cloud agnostic search as a managed service, SearchStax offers software and services that automate Solr or Elasticsearch management and administration in the cloud, improves stability and performance, provides comprehensive end-user search analytics, and on demand Search expertise.

About the Author

By Sameer Maggon

VP, Product

March 7, 2017

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