Jan. 28, 2022

Daniela Prada


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For the month of January we’re shining the spotlight on Arke, a full service experience design and technology consultancy. Arke is a Sitecore Gold partner that delivers connected, optimized digital solutions to drive conversions and exponential growth for its clients. Founded in 2005, Arke has over a decade of experience in leveraging innovative technologies and partnerships that include Sitecore, Microsoft, FullStory, and more.

Staying at the forefront of innovation and changing technologies has always been a prominent principle of Arke. The agency’s co-founder, Eric Stoll has been instrumental in seeking out and nurturing many of the technology partnerships that have allowed Arke to push boundaries and deliver truly impactful digital solutions for their customers. For example; in the Sitecore ecosystem, Arke has had some of the first Sitecore Strategy MVPs and more than 20 Technology MVPs over its partnership history. As a highlight, Andy Uzick, Vice President of MarTech Innovation, was in the first class of Sitecore Technology MVPs and has remained the longest standing MVP than anyone in the USA.

Arke specializes in Experience Design, Digital Strategy, Optimization and Experimentation Services to help brands achieve maximum return on their digital investment. In addition, they also provide services for Ecosystem Architecture, Ecommerce, Customer Data Insights, Platform Implementation, Managed Services and more. 

A Strategic Team Creating Intrinsic Value for Customers & Communities

Another core value of Arke is cultivating an influential and innovative team in order to best serve its clients. The company is comprised of industry experts, content creators, and technology enthusiasts. The team’s expertise provides each client with a unique and personalized experience. A diverse team background allows Arke to help companies connect the dots and see the larger digital picture while thinking holistically and objectively about each individual client’s needs. 

In addition to investing in its team, Arke is also committed to building meaningful relationships and supporting community organizations. By supporting these causes the agency creates more impactful experiences for its team members that ultimately increase the ability to see causes and projects more holistically. Arke supports several organizations including No Kid HungryWomen Who Code, and the Special Olympics

“In the beginning, many folks donated time and energy to help us figure out how to start a business. Now we give back by doing the same thing from a business mentoring perspective. But we also think it’s important to work with organizations in our communities to enable folks that may not have the same opportunities we did.”

Top-Notch Industry Knowledge Attracts Innovative Brands

Arke takes pride in changing the way that brands approach technology and helping them to achieve maximum return on investments. The agency’s continued investment in its team paired with its dedication to innovation, partnerships and creating value for its customers has attracted a community of influential clients. Notable customers include brands such as Omni Hotel & ResortsMMAVacation.comChick-fil-A, and many others. 

In its work with Omni Hotel & Resorts, Arke created a strategy that focused on the high-value areas of the company’s website that would yield the highest results. This focused approach led to impressive and measurable results that included 13% growth in booking rates over the first six months,12% lift in conversion rate in the first 10 days, and an all-time booking record on omnihotels.com.

SearchStax is proud to have Arke as a member of our Alliance Program and looks forward to continued opportunities to help companies create powerful and personalized site search experiences! 

By Daniela Prada

Partner Marketing Manager

"Your developers’ time is a very valuable commodity. They should spend their time focused on value-added activities such as building better search experiences instead of dealing with the mundane operational details of deploying, managing and scaling Solr infrastructure."

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