About VASS

Digitization is always getting faster, and VASS joins you to boost your plans, always prioritizing in a strategic, innovative, effective and, most importantly, simple way.

any in digital solutions with nine locations on two continents (Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Benelux, Mexico, Peru, UK and USA) and a workforce of more than 2,200 people.

Thanks to our own agile VASSXtreme methodology and our wide ecosystem of brands (NATEEVO, Serbatic and vdSHOP. VASS), we accompany large companies in their end2end digital transformation process, developing and executing the most innovative and scalable strategies from strategy to operation.

We are fully committed to society, which is why the VASS Foundation was born in 2019 to promote research and training around digital talent. We allocate 2% of the profit and the entire team 1% of its time to solidarity actions. All this growth stems from talent and passion for innovation and constant improvement, always in our own way: making the complex simple.


Personalized digital experiences where, how and when your client prefers.

Contracting and digital conversion

We help you convert from digital channels, helping you evolve recruitment and contracting towards the digital model that best suits your specific needs, optimizing digital assets to increase the probability of purchase.

Multimoment and omnichannel interaction

To offer an interaction at any time, through any channel, incorporating new supports and channels that facilitate that digital contact, feeding back with the information of each one of them and offering efficient support and attention.

Identity and digital security

With the aim of identifying your client in any channel, with different means, guaranteeing the integrity of their identity and managing it to be able to contextualize their access at any time.

Customer experience

To get your attention and attract you, offering you what you need, in the most appropriate channel and time to achieve a differential experience that increases conversion and ensures your loyalty.


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